Once upon a time … Malaysia Singapore Airlines 1969

Assalamualaikum wbt, Basmallah to open my words. To all travelers, who loved to go abroad… Here I attached an evergreen video special for you all. Hopefully it can remind you to the history of our nation aviation industry… I like to recall the things that happened, when it teach me how to appreciate the all I have today. Oh Malaya, I am fully proud to be one of you. So nice when I can stay all the time when you start develop the nation until you achieve your goals…

I am wondering when I will have another chance to go travel, so miss with you my dear flight. I miss the moment when we are flying together in the blue sky. What to do, me myself so busy with the works nowadays… But I know, I will start my travel again to fulfill my compulsory vacation for this year. When??? Which location??? must wait and see, even not so and so far, I fully confident that I will fly again… InsyaAllah.


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